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Canadian Summer

Dec 13, 2019

Helping out with a Christmas pageant turns out to be more exciting than the boys anticipated. Cale learns that camels really like chocolate, while Roy wonders if it's inappropriate to ask Mary for a date. 

Nov 19, 2019

Roy and Cale head to a fancy dinner at a country club where Cale gets dragooned into helping the chef, and Roy endures endless rounds of small talk until he can make his escape. 

Oct 9, 2019

Roy and Cale return to Roy's hometown for the soybean festival. Cale tries to impress Roy's cousin with a good deed. He ends up muddy, injured and riding the rails. 

May 20, 2019

Roy and Cale make some lovely new friends at a Burns supper and learn what a true Scotsman wears under his kilt. 

May 13, 2019

Roy and Cale try to earn a little cash by moving a piano for a wedding. Cale winds up taking a ride that nearly costs him his life, but he meets someone who makes it all worthwhile.